These holidays:

Most loved programming language.

Its neateness and ability to write powerful code simply, makes it THE most loved programming language - as of 2020! (CondinGame, 2020)

Fastest growing language.

Its beauty and efficiency has lead to more and more companies chosing python over other languages. (Stackoverflow, 2019)

Incredibly useful.

Regardless of the field. Python is used within healthcare, media, education, aerospace, finance, real estate, beauty and construction. (CodinGame, 2020)


Student enjoyment with everyone stating they learnt something.
Stefan (past student):

"The timing was nice, especially seeing ourselves learn so much in three days. In particular, being able to do the rice donation was [very] enjoyable!"


Of past students would strongly recommend it ot their friends.

Course details:

An exciting new course for prospect Pythonastias (python lovers)! Within a 3 day course broken up into 2x2 hour chunks daily, I hope to see you go from 0... to generating uniquely yet beautiful shapes on the fly, to writing scripts that can donate rice for free, or fund reforestation programs. All whilst feeling comfortable working within a professional coding environment.

Still confused? Hopefully the following Q&A will help:

How old do students need to be able to participate?
High school students and above (yes adults too! I am focusing on useful content that’s why it’s targeted to an older demographic). But also, this is just a recommendation, a grade 6 student should be able to follow just fine for example, and I’ll accomodate to the group demographic.
Are there family options available?
Of course! You can add an extra member for $20 - or you can get everyone to listen in. The only difference is the former means they'll have their own account within the platform so they can build their own induvidual connections, ask their own questions, get their own personalised experience. Please note, the referral benefits do not get added on for family members.
What tools do they need to participate?
  • PC
  • Microphone
  • Stable internet connection
  • Python, installation procedures sent after registeration
Is there an itinerary for each hour?
Yep, check it out to the right (computer) or below (mobile)
Is there a limit to attendees?
Kinda... Currently there are: 9 spots left. But! If there is more interest I am happy to offer more sessions, I want to help as many people discover something new, learn a skill that can really help them... whilst helping parents feel confident.
I (or my kids) may know other people who could be interested, what's the best way to share?
That's incredible! I would love if you could spread the word. I actually appreciate it so much that I would be willing to PAY YOU $10/pp (who signs up to the full course). Just shoot me a message and I'll send you a personalised url that you could share!
Is there an assumed knowledge needed before participating?
  • How to use a computer,
  • Installing software, at least following instructions for it,
  • How to be a good human on social channels (don't mind the memes, but anything inappropriate would see one removed at one's own expense).
Will you be connected to the students through video the whole time or able to answer their questions someway?
I will be connected the whole time during each session. Students will be provided a digital platform to communicate directly with me or someone else who can help. Preferably, communication between those taking the course would happen as connection and making new connection is crucial within these times. So fostering and maintaining this would also be covered.
Are there examples of things they could create?
What can be done with python and turtle? (First thing covered), practically? Here are some fun examples: Some examples of what would be covered in day 2 and 3 that I've used:
  • Creating text based TikTakToe game
  • Automatically funding reforestation program Ecosia
  • Downloading school textbooks, music online, or even predicting future movies that haven’t even been published on most sites.
  • Donating over 10,000 grains of rice without doing anything within 4 days!
Why python?
Some examples of apps that use python:
Amazon shopping, Dropbox, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify... Get the gist? (For the gamemakers out there, Disney's pirate of the Caribbean was also done in python!)
Why? Because it's scalable, it's clean, it can do things fast! (Eg. Ever had to repeat the same action 3 times on a computer? Automate it!)
Why bother learning it? Most industries, ranging from agriculture to beauty are impacted by technology. Those who understand it will be far better positioned to navigate themselves, communicate with those who can drive change and create their own paths.
Experience with teens/children? Any industry experience?
  • Mentored a total of over 100 students in robotics for 2 years, with one team being invited to compete internationally.
  • Run leadership courses for youth.
  • Helped managed a scout troop for over 2 years.
  • 2yrs solving industry problems thanks to python

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