Felix Hall

Simplicity for Impact

With years of experience within sustainability-focused startups, I can guide you through the process to transforming your passion into an impactful product or service.
Simplicity at its core, I help founders stay true to the mission and problem they're tackling rather than getting tangled up within tech land.
Your solutions will be supported with passion and a desire to help make an impact, meaning no idea or problem is too big or small.




Parental separation costs $300k in court. Despite its alternative, mediation, partners’ anger and blame at each other is still leaving issues unresolved, causing them to end up in court regardless. Peam uses AI sentiment analysis to help these parents transition from an emotional state to a problem solving state by digitising the process mediation coaches, lawyers, and mediators go through. Leveraging the high rates of private mediation centres and the scale of government funded centres, we are able to have a high social impact as well as generate strong financial growth. I am one of the founding members of the project.

  • Helped guide the process from problem discovery, user interviews, to co-creation
  • Completion of extensive empathy research with those being harmed the most and those trying to help them
  • Co-creation of MVP alongside clients, customers and academics
  • AI sentiment analysis
  • Clear and friendly UX with custom illustrations

Read more about the journey here.


True Hybrid Energy


A clear purpose-focused project; helping show people how energy wastage can be reduced so that together we can secure our future. Working directly alongside all other team members, this has been an interesting project to work on.

  • Complete website development - landing page, user authentication, dashboard
  • Personalised, and stylised dashboard with dynamic representation of live data (regularly fetched using backend APIs and represented using Ploty Dash)
  • Security implementations
  • Strong and intuit UI to represent the brand
  • Collaborative industry work with other programmers




Working with Minted was an exciting opportunity to help bring some of technology’s potential in order to save people from daily hassles. Upon MVP option brainstorming with the founders a full web app which allowed for the intuitive role management from contractors, employees, and sub contractors. Project costs and claims could easily be managed with automated PDF report summaries being provided.

  • Strategic consultation around what the end-users needs may actually be wanting
  • Complete website development - landing page, user, authentication, modern dashboard, report automation
  • Personalised, and stylised dashboard with dynamic representation of historical data
  • Live automatic PDF reporting
  • Successful role management and view-personalisation between different companies, contractors and sub-contractors
  • clear and consistent branding




CAASie has been an exciting opportunity to help a local startup have more of an impact on its mission. CAASie is on a mission to help SMEs get more rand awareness through one of the most significant marketing strategies; billboards. By providing a cheaper and easy method of access this is definitely a simple yet powerful tool which will help create change.

  • Advised on: website structure, security, development framework and payment gateways
  • Helped create a more seamless UI
  • Created and tested a secure and reliable payment gateway
  • Collaborative industry work with other programmers

Project Status: COMPLETED



GreenKPI has been an exciting opportunity to help a local startup have more of an impact on its mission. GreenKPI aims to improve the environmental conditions we are in by helping companies, particularly SMEs, with becoming more sustainable.

  • Helped the early stage development of the branding and messaging
  • Updated data storage and visualisation method
  • Helped improve multi-tier user signup and registration process.
    • Including looking at existing payment gateway setup.
  • Worked with effective dev op workflows using Git, Jira, GitLab and BitBucket
  • Collaborative industry work with other programmers

Project Status: COMPLETED

Scout Online Record Book

SORB display

SORB, the Scout Online Record Book, is an online database system designed to help reduce scout leader's stress when managing scout records and it provides a growing abundance of features to help them. Specific functionalities include:

  • Badge record storage and management; per CRUD principles
  • Data management and privacy; it's transferable between groups yet only shared to one
  • Individual scout badge progress page
  • Group personalised scout progress URL
  • Badge report PDF generator
  • Easy group contact - of the whole group, scouts or just leaders
  • Stripe integration
  • Simple and easy design

Project Status: COMPLETED



A local team's project on increasing diversity within FIRST Tech Challenge (robotics) teams. Functionalities include:

  • PDF template generator
  • Team group image database manager (as per CRUD principles)
  • Automatically updating image carousel, as per user upload
  • AWS image storage
  • Simple one page design
  • Dynamic interface

Project Status: COMPLETED


Hey there! I know that there are more problems out there than solutions and I want to help those with a solution to grow their impact. To connect with more people. To solve more problems.

I am on a mission to drive scalable and sustainable impact from social and environmentally focused solutions. I have committed to helping 100,000 people by 2032.

I've participated in a multitude of activities which has allowed me to grow into an impact-driven leader. This was recognised in 2020 when I received the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Award.

Being a self-taught fullstack developer and startup strategy consultant has allowed me to have an impact within the innovation and startup space for the past 3 years. This has seen me work on a myriad of projects addressing energy management and transitions, water loss mitigation, remote education, economic development, community health, and social justice. The ability to identify trends, needs, and the associated opportunities has been crucial within these roles. As a result I've been a 8-time finalist for national problem solving / startup weekend / hackathon challenges.

With all this experience, I know the tricks and traps which can make or break those who are trying to make a real difference. I can help bring ideas to reality faster, simpler and with more impact. So if you happen to be thinking of an idea, shoot me an email and let's make dreams reality.

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